my dot – where each of us lives in the U.S.

census dotmap

The Census Dotmap by Brandon Martin-Anderson is pretty amazing when you think about it — it gives each of us who live in the United States (all 311,591,917 of us) a dot right where we live.

***Click here for the real map on which you can zoom in all the way to your very own dot.***

via Huffington Post

My Prezi on blogging for teachers

This Friday, Willard is having a Festival of Technology for all the teachers in the district. I drew the short straw and am presenting on blogging. I hope my enthusiasm for blogging has not been mistaken for expertise. Oh well, they get what they pay for.

One really nice outcome, however, has been my learning how to use Prezi as a presentation technique. Prezi is presentation software that allows nearly unlimited use of collage to bring together text, video and graphics to tell a story. The ability to scale everything from huge to tiny and create visual hierarchies is very different from the linearity of powerpoint.

I’ve tried and failed several times to embed the prezi here in my blog. There’s clearly something about the process I’m not getting. So instead, should you be interested, I am including the link to Prezi where my presentation will play. Click the fullscreen option to see it much better.