Alberton Gorge: A beautiful painting by Tim McMahon




We hadn’t bought a painting in twenty years. Too long. It’s amazing the effect really good art has on a person.


Stephen Wiltshire — amazing artist (Vimeo video)

UBS “Stephen Wiltshire” from HUMBLE TV on Vimeo.

via “The Kid Should See This


this school year’s Moleskine notebooks

I love Moleskine notebooks — specifically, medium-sized, kraft paper covered, grid-ruled Moleskine notebooks. As an organizationally-challenged person, these notebooks have, over the last two years, been the only thing standing between me and the entropy abyss. So today I went to the bookstore and purchased this year’s supply. Since I had a lot of work to do, I obviously felt compelled to decorate my new notebooks instead. I opted for a homage to Mondrian, a cube optical illusion and a fibonacci spiral (it’s cool that Moleskine notebooks are almost a perfect golden rectangle). I thought they turned out pretty well and I didn’t have to do any work. Win, win.


Lego Ent by Emery Smashey


piano blues (2 of 2) – Dave Brubeck

Highest and best use of a rare talent. Yes, that is Clint Eastwood.


piano blues (1 of 2) – Ray Charles

Oozing with genius (Clint’s not bad, either). In my dreams, this is how I play — not fast, not flashy, just effortlessly cool and brilliant.