Bolivar Girls Tennis – State runner-up!

Congratulations to the Bolivar High School (Missouri) Girls Tennis team for their second-place finish yesterday in the Missouri Class 1 Team tournament. This program has been a quiet force in Southwest Missouri tennis for the past 12 years. Here’s a rundown of the way the past 12 years have finished for Coach Linda Roller’s teams (including 9 final fours):

2 losses in sectionals to the eventual state champion (Notre Dame de Scion)

1 State Quarterfinal

6 times 4th place

2 times 3rd place

1 time (yesterday) 2nd place

Congratulations again to Coaches Roller and Ware and all the Lady Liberators.

tennis videos from youtube – groundstrokes, serves and volleys

One of the best tools available to young tennis players today is the amazing variety of videos of great players hitting the ball. By looking at a variety of players, you get a real sense of what is important and common to all of them. The slow motion videos are especially useful because some of the important subtleties get lost when you watch these powerful and beautiful strokes at normal speed.

Enjoy. Please let me know which ones were especially helpful to you (I obviously liked all of them for one reason or another). Note: I left out the videos of Nadal because although he is an amazing player and ball-striker, he is left-handed which can be confusing for instructional purposes for the standard right-hander. If you’re left-handed watch Nadal, channel Nadal, be Nadal.


woz groundstrokes

fed forehand

fed forehand

fed forehand

fed forehand

fed forehand

fed serve and forehand

fed forehand

davy backhand

davy forehand

davy groundstrokes

davy groundstrokes

davy groundstrokes serves

henin forehand

shara forehand

schia slice backhand

schia forehand

stos forehand

monfils groundstrokes and footwork

djok backhand

djok groundstrokes


fed serve

fed serve

woz serve


bryans volley

bryans volley