my dot – where each of us lives in the U.S.

census dotmap

The Census Dotmap by Brandon Martin-Anderson is pretty amazing when you think about it — it gives each of us who live in the United States (all 311,591,917 of us) a dot right where we live.

***Click here for the real map on which you can zoom in all the way to your very own dot.***

via Huffington Post

smashey family road trip 2010

We’re going old-school — throwing the kids in the back and driving across the country to see the wonders of these United States. Our basic vacation requirements are: cool weather, parks away from the crowds, and mountains and/or the ocean. So, here we go — Olympic National Park and Glacier National Park in two weeks. Kudos to my wife, Aimee, who arranged for amazing places for us to stay near ONP and GNP. She has a knack for finding us the coolest places. We’ll be off dark and early Friday morning. I suspect I’ll be the only conscious (semi) being in the expedition until about Kansas City.

leg 1: Three days to Seattle

leg 2: Seattle to Kalaloch Cabins on the Pacific Ocean. We’ll spend five days in the rainforest and on the incredible rocky beaches of nearby Olympic National Park. It’s also Sasquatch and vampire country.

leg 3: ONP to Glacier N.P. (Whitefish, MT) for four days. There were no (zero!) rooms to be had in the park — it’s the 100th anniversary for Glacier this year. Ahh, mountains.

leg 4 (and the last): GNP to Bolivar

fair territory

On one of my family’s sojourns to Chicago, I began wondering, where exactly was the boundary between Cardinal Nation and the pathetic domain of the hapless Cubs? Here is the answer to that and all the other boundary disputes in the baseball world. Very nice.

click picture for a bigger image