About me: David Smashey


I am:  husband to Aimee; dad to Hannah, Emery and Sofia; pilgrim; science teacher at Willard High School

I love:  tennis, listening to music, playing the piano, reading, gardening, cooking, modern furniture

Currently: starting a new school year

Probably unnecessary: My blog’s subtitle is taken from ‘School of Rock’ with Jack Black.

21 thoughts on “About me: David Smashey

  1. Wow-I don’t believe this. Talk about a small world. I was Googling up my husband’s name, and to my surprise, I find that there is actually a SECOND David Smashey!!! The surname is unusual, and as far as we have been able to tell, there are only some three Smashey ‘bloodlines’ in the US. My Dave is from Indiana. and has relatives in Switzerland. AND-…he is an avid gardener as well. I’d love to hear more about your side of the family.

    • Bobby,

      We are a small outpost of Smasheydom in the Missouri Ozarks (Bolivar, Missouri)–my Dad John, my Mom Mary Ann, my sister Melinda and my family–wife Aimee, and our 3 kids Hannah (15), Emery (6) and Sofia (2). My grandfather Carl Smashey (deceased) was part of a fairly large branch of the family in and around Hannibal, Missouri.

      I have been teaching high school for 4 years. Before that I had a retail nursery specializing in perennials and container gardening. We are building a new house with plenty of acreage to garden. I’m really looking forward to planting and am already walking around dreaming about where to do what.

      Thanks for saying “hi”. It’s always a pleasant surprise to run into another Smashey.


  2. HI, Dave!! Found your blog–anxious to hear what you have to say! You’ll be happy to know that I “bookmarked” your blog in my favorites between “Sweetness and Light” and “Redstate”–you’re in auspicious company! (I will LEARN AND GROW DAILY from them all, I’m quite sure.) Good to see you and Aimee tonight–time spend with you guys in THE WORLD’S WORST HAIKU WRITTEN IN TWO MINUTES:
    pleasant refreshing
    insightful spontaneous
    precious dear friendship

    Have a good one!
    Debbie DeRossett

  3. David hi it is Aunt Donna Kay Smashey Gryder. I was trying to look up My Mom and Dads information for passport information of Dates of birth and town born in. I think I have Dads information but not Moms ask your Dad if he knows moms year of bith and town I thought it was Vandalia MO but not sure.

  4. Mr. Smashey! its Tara Campbell, i had you for biology at willard 🙂 not sure if you remember me or not but wanted to say hello and see how you are doing?

    • hey Tara,

      I remember. I think I remember that first year of teaching better than any other. I guess trying to survive heightens the senses and one’s memory.
      I hope things are going well with you. I’d love to see you sometime. Take care and thanks for saying “hi.”

      • I would love to see you too! You were my favorite teacher! Your class was a lot of fun. Glad your doing well. I’m doing good! -Tara Campbell

  5. Just ran across this site and seen you have my last name .MY name is Emory Smashey also but with an o instead of an E.We are from hannibal,mo my uncles name is Dave Smashey . By the way i’m Emory the third my dad & grandpa’s names are also Emory. It was nice to see your site, I really liked all the pictures.

    • That’s cool. My son is actually named after my grandfather on the other side, Emery Elliott. My Dad’s family is an offshoot of the Hannibal Smasheys. My Grandfather, Carl, grew up in the Louisiana, Missouri area and lived and worked in St. Louis. Emery will be very interested that there is another person with nearly his same name. Thanks.

  6. Hi David,
    Just heard today from Marla that you have a blog! I’ve enjoyed peeking around on it and look forward to checking back often. I also feel compelled to go write a haiku.;)

    I wish Lou and I ran into you and Aimee more…

    • Shelley,

      I appreciate your saying “hi.” It’s weird how easy it is to get separated from people despite such close proximity. I know most people are staying connected via facebook, but this is still my only foray into the cloud. It always makes my brain work better if I take the time to write something. Thanks again.

      Grace and peace.

  7. Hello David, I was looking up Eleanor Beardsley Of NPR and found your beautiful site.
    My husband retired and is a water color painter now. I showed him the art work you’ve posted and then I couldn’t find the artists names. Is this your personal work?
    I like your blog.
    Thanks, Ella

    • Thanks for your comment. I try to be careful about using contemporary artists work without attribution. Looking back, I clearly could have been more careful from time to time.

      My favorite artist, Sofia Smashey, is my 5-year-old daughter. She has produced hundreds of watercolors over the past couple of years. A detail of one of her paintings is one of the header images for my blog.

      Thanks again.


  8. Hi David, I was checking to find the Smasheys online when I came upon your blog. You were our neighbors in Bolivar. Please say hello to Mary Ann and John. You probably won’t recall our children: David, Lisa and Steven Andrew. They are scattered all over the world in Jakarta, Indonesia, New York City and London, KY. Please feel free to email me and let Carlos and I know about your parents. We remember them with much love. Thank you. Oh! I have become a water color artist (I add that as I see references to art.)

  9. I noticed your admiration for Providence St. Mel School in Chicago. I have been a volunteer there for 13 years. It’s an amazing school. There are openings–can you teach math in middle school/high school? I think the jobs are listed on Craig’s List in Chicago. Check it out!

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