and we’re off

First day of school:

six classes, all with friendly, bright, decent kids
good, trustworthy colleagues all around
no big mistakes yet to have to overcome
encouraged but still really tired

I’m lucky to get to teach and especially to get to teach at Willard. It also doesn’t hurt that I’m teaching the best kids in the school. What’s crazy is how hard it still feels to do this even though I have nearly everything lined up in my favor. I can’t imagine what so many teachers feel like with the conditions they work under.

My prayer is that all of us in the school biz remember what a privilege it is to be a part of our students’ lives, have resilience when the inevitable bumps (or worse) occur, and pause in the busyness (at best) or chaos (at worst) to recognize the perfect moment when it occurs (à la Spalding Gray). Grace and Peace.

the scenic route

Today (barring bad weather) I will continue my tradition of going home after the last day of school via the scenic, winding and sometimes dirt roads of Greene and Polk Counties. My windows will be down and if you are within a few hundred feet of my route, you will hear the Ramones.

I am blessed to get to teach as my life’s work, but I am fried. So, if you too are wandering about the back roads of God’s Country later this afternoon, look out for a little red car.