the coast (from the big road trip)

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We had five days on and in the water, rocks, sands and forests of the Oregon coast. It was incredible. I told Aimee that I want to begin figuring out how to spend more of my days there.

Here’s a list of our favorite spots on the coast — south to north (as we encountered them):

Harris Beach S.P.
Samuel A. Boardman S.P. (Indian Sands)
day use area (Oceanside Picnic Area) south of Cape Perpetua
Beverly Beach
Yaquina Head
Oswald West S.P.
Cape Lookout S.P.

We found that many of the best places were those that had 15-30 minute walks to get there. The walks themselves were incredible (Indian Sands, Oswald West S.P.) and we had the beaches/coast almost or entirely to ourselves when we got there. That may not be such a big deal to someone less antisocial or more used to sharing the beach than I am, but it sure impacted my experience.