WHS 2009-2010 Interdisciplinary Project – Poverty

The faculty’s choice for next year’s interdisciplinary topic is “poverty.” I’m pleased. My hope is that we can do this project in a way that is honest, open to a variety of points of view and which opens the eyes and minds of our students. If we can, then it will be well worth our effort.

My initial list of things I think would be interesting.

Poverty in:
the U.S.
the world

How is poverty defined?
How many poor are there?
How does poverty affect your everyday life – food, water, shelter, education, health?

Causes of poverty.
Ways out of poverty.

Grameen Bank
heifer international

donate/work in local soup kitchen
habitat for humanity


I’m thinking about matching my student’s donations to kiva or heifer international (up to some amount ($300-400?).

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